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Celebrating Popcorn Lovers Day with Garrett

We’ve been known to eat popcorn for dinner. And buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks? Can’t you buy me some popcorn instead?

At its core, popcorn is a healthy, fascinating treat all packed into one kernel. People have been a-maized (sorry) by popcorn for eons. In the old days, long before microwave popcorn, it was believed a spirit lived inside each kernel, growing angry and bursting from its home when agitated and heated. Yowsa!

In honor of Popcorn Lovers Day, Garrett Popcorn treated us lovers to a sweet-and-salty kissingtour of its Michigan Avenue Shop. We enjoyed meeting staff as they bagged orders for excited popcorn patrons, some whose first stop in Chicago is the family-owned Shop, established 1949. Like excited 5th graders on a field trip, we asked lots of questions. We learned they use old-fashioned copper kettles to hot air pop their kernels. The rest is a big secret. They won’t give it up. To keep us from pressing, they fed us samples of The Chicago Mix and Plain too, because we’re popcorn purists.

Kissing never tasted so good!

Catching a kiss at Garrett's while staff fill orders

Catching a kiss at Garrett’s while team members fill orders

What’s your favorite way to enjoy popcorn? The comments section is open!


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